Pease International Airport (PSM)


Hurricane Ian Parking Fee Relief


Attention Punta Gorda & Sanford/Orlando Travelers!

Portsmouth International Airport understands that many of our Florida travelers were affected by flight cancellations and various other complications related to Hurricane Ian. To help bring some relief to our affected passengers, we will not be charging for any additional parking fees that were accumulated past your original dates of travel.


Passengers eligible for aid include Allegiant Airlines customers who were on the Sanford/Orlando (SFB) flight 2918 and all Punta Gorda (PGD) flights prior to Hurricane Ian. All affected passengers should see our Customer Service Representative in the baggage claim area upon arrival at PSM (Must show proof of itinerary). DO NOT use the self-service parking machines if you would like to receive parking relief.


The Hurricane Ian Parking Relief Program at PSM will end on October 14, 2022. Anyone who has not returned from the affected destinations by this date will no longer be eligible for reduced parking fees.


For any other questions related to parking fees, please call our Customer Service line at (603) 433-6536 or email at

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