Pease International Airport (PSM)



Drones are Great, But Make Sure You Understand the Rules.

The use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or “Drones”, is severely restricted within the confines of the Pease International Tradeport. The map link below indicates the maximum altitude a drone may be operated at on or near the Pease Tradeport. Recreational and commercial drone operators should refer to the FAA Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) website for information related to their safe and lawful use, which includes Portsmouth International Airport at Pease.
Commercial users who have been contracted to operate a drone within the confines of the Pease International Tradeport or at the New Hampshire Division of Ports and Harbors terminal must ensure their drone is registered by visiting and register under the “Part 107 or as a Public Aircraft” link.
Courtesy calls to the FAA controlled tower at 603-430-3189.

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