Pease International Airport (PSM)



Get Your Badge and Permits and Make it Official.

All Airport Employees and General Aviation Tenants must be badged.

The badging office is now located at 55 International Drive, Portsmouth, NH. All airport badging operations will be via appointment only.

Badging Office hours are 

by appointment only

Monday-Friday:  8:00 am – 4:00 pm. 

 You can contact the office at 

Applying for Airport ID Badge

When applying for an airport identification badge, you are required to provide two forms of the following identification: (Please see Acceptable Documents, Form I-9) *All Identification submitted to the Badging office must be original. No copies will be accepted.

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Social Security Card
  • Valid Passport
  • Original Birth Certificate

*A military issued ID card or CAC card cannot be utilized as a form of identification if requesting driving privileges, as they fall on the same list as the driver’s license which is required for driving access.

Airport Operations Area (AOA) – General Aviation Identification Badges

All prospective General Aviation (GA) badge holders requiring unescorted access must demonstrate an operational need and provide either a valid New Hampshire aircraft registration and/or be sponsored by an individual or entity. All applicants must complete an application and are subject to an STA (Security Threat Assessment) prior to approval. Once approved, the GA badge is valid for two (2) years at which time it will need to be renewed for continued access. Please call the Airport Badging and Security office to schedule an appointment. At the time of your appointment, all applicants will need a completed application (signed by sponsor if required) and two forms of identification as outlined in the “Acceptable Documents I-9 Form”.

General Aviation Badge & Permit Fees

General Aviation Badge: $45.00
Vehicle Permit: $50.00
Gate Tag: $20.00
Cash, Checks, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, American Express & Apple Pay all accepted.

The SIDA badge application process starts with the company’s “Authorized Signer” who submits the employee’s information into the airport badging office. Once the badging application has been entered, the Authorized Signer will prompt the applicant to schedule their first appointment with the airport security and badging office. At said appointment, all applicants must provide two forms of identification (originals only) as outlined in the “Acceptable Documents I-9 Form”. Any applicant who will require driving privileges will need to provide a valid driver’s license. Once applicant has cleared a background check, the Authorized Signer will schedule them for the appropriate SIDA and/or GVP classes.

Vehicle permits are decals that allow a vehicle or equipment into the SIDA/AOA areas of the airport. These permits will only be issued to active companies, employees and tenants who are badged and have been authorized driving privileges. All applicants must provide the required Applications and Certificate of Insurance information prior to issuance.

Under Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirements, a fingerprint based criminal history records check (CHRC) is required before an airport SIDA badge can be issued which allows an individual to have unescorted access to the SIDA or AOA. An individual found guilty, or not guilty by reason of insanity within the preceding ten years of the following crimes is ineligible for a SIDA badge. The Pease Development Authority reserves the right to refuse an individual a SIDA badge based on their CHRC even if none of the following crime are disclosed in that CHRC.

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